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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Client Type Description
18-708 Music Pro Bono

Dispute: Breach of Contract.
18-708 Rap artist paid a producer to mix and master the tracks that the producer recorded for the artist. The producer never finished the mastering and Client would like the tracks to be returned to her so that she can work with them; or, in the alternative, Client would accept a refund of the amount she paid to the producer.

18-759b Film/TV Pro Bono

Copyright: Film.
18-759 Client inherited home movies that her grandfather shot in the 1920s. Clips from those movies were recently included in a documentary film without Client's consent. Client needs help evaluating and enforcing her rights.

19-031 Music, Performance Art, Other Pro Bono

Employment: Music.
19-031 NFP classical music group needs legal advice regarding structuring payments to its performers. They also have questions about board governance.

19-113 Literature, Visual Art Pro Bono

Content Clearance: Literature.
19-113 Graphic novelist needs counsel to help evaluate the risk posed by five items in his graphic novel. Issues include possible infringement of intellectual property rights and violation of privacy rights.

19-127 Film/TV Pro Bono

Start-up: Film.
19-127 Filmmaker needs help with business structure and two contracts, one for cast members and one for crew.

19-152b Music Contingent Fee (PB Eligible)

Dispute: Pending Age Discrimination Litigation.
19-255 Clients filed an age discirmination suit pro-se. They made a settlement proposal that was rejected and have discovery pending. Clients need counsel to assist with the litigation.

19-173b Visual Art Pro Bono

NFP: Literary.
NFP that publishes an art magazine needs help reinstating their 501(c)(3) tax exemption which was revoked for failure to file 990s.

19-181 Visual Art Pro Bono

19-181 Organization that facilitates reuse of art supplies and products needs help transitioning from L3C to a tax exempt NFP.

19-195 Music, Performance Art, Visual Art Pro Bono

Dispute: Trademark.
19-195 Rap artist needs help evaluating whether part of his costume can be protected by trademark.

19-197 Visual Art Paying

SPAIN. Dispute.
19-197 Visual artist needs help recovering sculptural works that are in Madrid, Spain. The pieces were consigned to a gallery in Buenos Aires and the gallery owner transported them to Madrid for an art festival. All the communications between Client and the gallery are in Spanish.

19-213 Film/TV Pro Bono

19-213 NFP film group needs legal advice regarding their upcoming transition from an all-volunteer organization to one with paid staff.

19-217 Visual Art, Other Pro Bono

Start-up: Visual Art.
19-217 Visual artist needs start-up advice and help with business structure. She also needs advice regarding protecting her intellectual property.

19-220b Dance, Literature, Music, Performance Art, Theater, Visual Art, Other Pro Bono

19-220 Through its participating artists, Client creates art installation pieces that appeal to multiple senses. Client needs help transitioning from an LLC to a tax-exempt NFP.

19-227 Dance Pro Bono

Copyright Registration: Dance.
19-227 Client and his partner were prominent choreographers. Client is in his 90's and his partner is deceased. Client would like to apply to register the joint choreographic works that he and his partner authored and needs counsel to assist.

19-233 Other Contingent Fee

Dispute: Copyright.
19-233 Mystery author needs help preventing an internet website from pirating her work.

19-234 Music Pro Bono

Dispute: Copyright Infringement: Music.
19-234 Client wrote and recorded music that was used without authorization in several episodes of a television show. With the assistance of counsel, Client entered into a Settlement Agreement with the show's producers. Producer violated the settlement. Client needs help evaluating his claim.

19-244 Visual Art Pro Bono

Dispute: Copyright Infringement.
19-244 Visual artist's original work is being pirated and sold through online retailers in the US and abroad. Client needs counsel to draft a cease and desist letter to send to the retailers.

19-249 Visual Art Pro Bono

Dispute: Defamation.
19-249 Jewelry designer (Client) collaborated with a photographer for a number of years. They ended the relationship, and the photographer has been posting negative comments about the Client on social media. Client needs help addressing this situation.

19-255 Visual Art, Other Contingent Fee

Dispute: Copyright Infringement.
19-255 Visual artist is a defendant in a declaratory judgement action brought by a large organization that hired him to improve their trademark. Client needs representation in Louisville, Kentucky .

19-262b Film/TV, Performance Art, Visual Art Pro Bono

Licensing: Television.
19-262b Creators of a show for kids need a licensing agreement with a local NFP that will air the show on its website.

19-265 Visual Art Pro Bono

Dispute: Copyright Infringement.
19-265 Recent college graduate needs help addressing the international pirating of her work. A shirt with her design on it is available online from a retailer located in Buenos Aires. The retailer is selling each shirt for $350.

19-268 Visual Art, Other Pro Bono

Patent: Process.
19-268 Client needs help evaluating whether his process for creating a notation system is patentable.

19-279 Music Pro Bono

Employment: Music.
19-279 International association of musicians needs legal help drafting a harrassment policy.

19-283 Music Pro Bono

Dispute: Employment: Music.
19-283 Composer (Client) was an artist in residence for a local choral group. The conductor of the group promised to apply for grant money to pay Client, but he never did. Client produced compositions that were used by the choral group. Client needs help evaluating his rights and pursuing recovery.

19-284 Film/TV, Visual Art Pro Bono

Employment: Contract Review.
19-284 Videographer, formerly an employee of a local photography studio, was terminated as a full-time employee and subsequently offered work as an independent contractor. Client needs counsel to help him evaluate the independent contractor agreement.

19-285 Other Pro Bono

Start-up: Design.
19-285 Branding company that does photo shoots and design work needs start-up advice, help with business structure and a customer contract.

19-307 Music, Performance Art Pro Bono

Trademark: Music.
19-307 Music composer needs help with trademark registration.

19-327 Music Pro Bono

Employment: Music.
19-327 NFP orchestra needs counsel to assist in the defense of an IDHR claim.

19-339 Film/TV Pro Bono

Start-up: Film.
19-339 Film producer needs start-up advice and help with business structure.

19-345 Performance Art Pro Bono

Start-up: Performance Art.
19-345 Client is launching a character actor business. She plans to hire actors to attend events, festivals and parties dressed in costumes to entertain the guests and participants. Client needs start-up advice, help with business structure and two contracts, one for the customers and one for the actors.

19-357 Film/TV Pro Bono

Start-up: Fundraising Questions.
19-357 Filmmaker needs legal advice regarding whether he should work with a Fiscal Sponsor or accept an unconditional gift as seed money for his film.

19-375 Visual Art Pro Bono

Dispute: Breach of Contract.
19-375 Sculptor entered into a written agreement with a suburban village to create an outdoor art installation. The project was partially completed and the Village terminated the contract. The Village then filed a breach of contract action against the sculptor. Sculptor needs counsel to represent him in the pending litigation.

19-378 Music, Performance Art Pro Bono

Dispute: Contract Termination.
19-378 NFP choral group has a one-year contract with an Artistic Director. They are considering whether to terminate the Artistic Director and need help evaluating their options.

19-390 Dance, Performance Art Pro Bono

Contract Review: NFP: Dance.
19-390 NFP needs counsel to review an agreement under which the NFP will raise money through donations to bring a music and dance group to under-served communities.