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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Description
Pro Bono
Arts Education

Business Purchase: Acting Studio

19-833 Manager of an acting studio is in the process of purchasing the studio from its current owner and needs general legal advice.

Pro Bono

Business: Music

19-731 Rock and alternative-rock musician needs help evaluating whether he should consolidate his music publishing company with his LLC. The LLC was set-up to market his music.

Pro Bono

Content Clearance: Film.

19-420 Documentary film-maker needs help evaluating the risk of releasing a film about growing up as a member of a cult.

Pro Bono

Content Clearance: Theater (Good Matter for Video Game Fans)

19-877 Playwright wrote a musical theater piece inspired by a documentary film and needs help evaluating the whether it would be advisable for him to request any permissions before launching a production.

19-860 Music

Contract Drafting: Band Agreement: Music

19-860 Four recent college graduates are members of a funk, jam band and need a band agreement. They are releasing their first album at the end of December.

Pro Bono

Contract Drafting: Co-Author Termination Agreement

19-672 Author of a script for theater, Client, terminated her working relationship with her co-author and needs help memorializing the terms of their agreement.


Contract Drafting: License: Music

19-878 Music producer, Client, needs counsel to draft a licensing agreement for a well-known, local film-maker who requested that Client create a sound-track for the film-maker's movie.

19-905 Music

Contract Review: License Agreement: Music

19-905 Music producers entered into a two page license agreement with a record label and need help interpreting the royalty rate.

Pro Bono

Contract Review: Publishing

19-707 Flashcard designer received an offer to publish her flashcards from an overseas publisher and needs counsel to review the contract.

Pro Bono
Arts Education

Dispute: Collection and Contract Termination

19-784 Arts and culture education NFP entered into an agreement with another NFP for fundraising services. The fundraising group collected a deposit but failed to perform. Client needs help recovering amounts he paid.

Pro Bono
Music, Performance Art, Theater

Dispute: Collection: Music Royalties

19-812 Author of an inspirational song needs help recovering royalties for the unauthorized use of her song. She also needs help evaluating a contract that she signed with a licensing agent who was able to collect past due royalties, but then kept the entire amount as fees for her services.

Pro Bono
Design/Graphic Design

Dispute: Collection: New York

19-795 Freelance Graphic Designer needs help collecting amounts owed for services rendered. Client needs counsel to draft a demand letter to the adverse party.

Contingent Fee

Dispute: Collection: Non-payment for Services

19-637 SAG Voice-over artist performed in several commercial advertisements and needs help collecting the amount that the advertising agency owes her.

Pro Bono

Dispute: Contract Termination: Music Documentary

19-794 Documentary Film-maker, working on a film about terrestrial radio, needs help evaluating the risks of terminating a distribution contract that she entered into several months ago.

Pro Bono

Dispute: Copyright Infringement Defense

19--890 Visual artist who displays samples of his work on his website, needs help addressing a demand from a former customer that he remove images of the work created for that customer. The parties did not have a written agreement and Client is using the images to illustrate his work.

Contingent Fee (PB Eligible)
Film/TV, Performance Art, Theater, Visual Art

Dispute: Pending Litigation: Right of Publicity

19-509 Actor was photographed for an advertising campaign and the hiring party is using the advertisement in media that is beyond the scope of the agreement. Litigation is currently pending in District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Client needs substitute counsel to represent him in the litigation.

19-881 Music

Dispute: Trademark Infringement Defense

19-881 Local, NFP music organization, with a trademark registration in the State of Illinois, needs help addressing a cease and desist letter that it received from a national organization.

Pro Bono
Dance, Music, Theater, Film/T.V.

Immigration: Music

19-718 Venezuelan music theater student who is in the US on a J-1 Visa, is graduating in May and needs help with an O-1 Visa application.

Pro Bono

Landlord-Tenant: Studio Space: Visual Art

19-836 Visual artist sub-leases studio space in which the heat is controlled by the landlord. Space is so cold that Client has difficulty working there. Client needs counsel to help her evaluate her options.

Pro Bono
Arts Education

Licensing: Music

19-820 Pre-school music education group that plans to expand their services needs help identifying the ASCAP license that they will need to secure sufficient music licensing rights.

Pro Bono
Dance, Performance Art

Start-up Advice: Dance

19-491 NFP dance group needs help evaluating whether there are any legal issues they need to address before offering programs that include both adolescent girls and adults.

Pro Bono

Start-up NFP: Documentary Film

19-844 Established documentary filmmakers need legal advice regarding setting up a NFP for their current project which is a documentary film that promotes prison reform.