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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Client Type Description
17-646 Other Pro Bono

Dispute: Collection. Vintage clothing store owner purchased an advertising package that included certain services in addition to the advertising. The services were not performed and client needs help evaluating and, if appropriate, pursuing her claim for damages.

17-655 Fashion, Performance Art Pro Bono

Immigration: Green Card. Costume designer currently working in the US under a O1B Visa that expires in 2019 would like to apply for a green card.Client, initially, needs help understanding the process and the requirements.

17-670 Music Pro Bono

Immigration: Visa. Client is a small NFP arts organization that needs help securing an O-1 visa for one of its directors.

17-757c Music, Performance Art Pro Bono

Copyright Registration: Music. Songwriter needs help with copyright registration for a soon to be released record.

18-009 Film/TV Pro Bono

Contract: Film. Film student who plans to adapt a short story for a screen play needs an agreement with the Vietnamese author of the short story and legal advice regarding filming in Vietnam.

18-017 Literature Pro Bono

Copyright: Author. Client wrote and illustrated a children's book and needs help with copyright registration.

18-026 Dance, Music Pro Bono

Employment Contracts: Theater. Established theater group that performs dance and music to nourish the soul needs legal help with two contracts, one for employee dancers and one for independent contractors. Client is hoping for contracts that are short and written in plain English.

18-038 Film/TV Pro Bono

Contract Review: Film. Client is collaborating with the creator of an animated TV series and needs help evaluating and negotiating the collaboration agreement.

18-039 Film/TV, Music, Performance Art, Visual Art Pro Bono

Start-up: Music. Rap music record label needs start-up advice and help with business structure.

18-040 Film/TV, Theater Pro Bono

Copyright and Contracts: Film. Web series producer needs advice regarding IP protection and help with a contract for the actors in his film.

18-041 Visual Art Contingent Fee (PB Eligible)

Dispute: Bailment. Pieces of visual art were delivered to a business organization for its employees, but the employees did not receive the works. Client needs help evaluating, and if appropriate pursuing, any claim he may have against the organization.

18-046 Literature Pro Bono

Employment: Publishing. Author needs help evaluating the risk of publishing a non-fiction work that includes three passages related to publically available information about an organization for which he does part-time work.

18-069 Music, Performance Art, Visual Art Contingent Fee (PB Eligible)

Dispute. Client who creates tech-art needs help evaluating a claim for damages against the landlord of a property where his work was stored. The artwork was disposed of without notice to Client.

18-073 Music, Visual Art Pro Bono

Dispute: Copyright Infringement. Artist, who was a house photographer for major music and performance venues in Chicago in the 1980s, needs help evaluating infringement of his copyright protected work and, if appropriate, help pursing injunction and damages.

18-080 Literature Pro Bono

Dispute: Publishing. Author needs help evaluating whether he was defrauded by the publishing company that published his book and, if appropriate, assistance recovering rights and amounts owed.

18-082 Music Pro Bono

Trademark Registration: Music. Client's son is a young rap artist who needs help with trademark and copyright registration for his stage name and song lyrics.