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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Client Type Description
17-455(b) Dance, Music, Performance Art, Theater, Visual Art Pro Bono

Start-up Help: Record Label. A multitalented music artist recently started a record label and needs general start-up advice and three contracts, a recording contract, a venue agreement for showcase events and a one page agreement for his vocal training services.

17-508(b) Film/TV, Visual Art Pro Bono

Contract Review: Documentary Film. Client will be appearing in a documentary film that follows the procedures involved in his reconstructive surgery, and needs counsel to review his contract with the film producer.

17-511 Music Pro Bono

Contract Review: Music. Violinist needs counsel to review a recording contract.

17-526 Visual Art Pro Bono

Start-up Help: Jewlery Design. Jewlery designer needs start-up advice and help with business structure.

17-565 Film/TV Pro Bono

Contract Drafting: Film. The producer, Client, and the director of a documentary film are in the process of formalizing their relationship and Client needs legal advice in the negotiation process.

17-577 Film/TV Pro Bono

Start-up Help: Film. Young filmmaker needs legal review of two contracts, a development agreement and a fiscal sponsorship agreement. She also needs help with business structure.

17-591 Film/TV Pro Bono

Contract Review: Film. Young filmmaker is in post-production on a short film and needs counsel to review a licensing agreement for a song that is in the film.

17-597 Dance, Literature, Music, Performance Art, Theater Pro Bono

Contract Drafting: NFP Volunteers. NFP that coordinates the volunteer activities of several hundred volunteers through-out the city needs help with contracts to manage potential liability.